Question: Where, Who and What is Pugtown-ATX ?
Answer: Pugtown-ATX is located in beautiful Brushy Creek Texas, just north of Austin...

for more please see the About-Us page...it really is all about the pugs

Question: What types of wood, stone and finishes do you use ?
Answer: Wood- lots of different species...pretty sure I have species I have not turned yet...if you have something in mind please contact me

Stone - any that can crushed for inlay... all require sanding/polishing with diamond pads

Finishes - Poly/Oil, Walnut Oil and Tung Oil... the final polish is with Beeswax, Carnuba Wax or Renaissance Wax

Question: Do you offer a warranty or guarantee of your products ?
Answer: What we want is for you to be happy... Period... Wood bowls, if cared for properly, can last for generations... Stone too... But things happen... If you ever have a concern/ issue please contact me..

Question: How do I care for my bowl ?
Answer: Bowl Care  No Microwave...No Dishwasher...No Soaking in water...No Scrubbing...No Chemicals...Yes Air Dry...Yes Clean using a soft cloth with diluted vinegar or lemon juice if needed...Restore w/ a light coat on mineral oil...If you have any questions or concern please contact me.