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The Pugtown-ATX Pugs

Nimitz (The Admiral)

Fawn Boy...October 13, 1997 to November 3, 2009, 12 years

We spent the weekend in Fredricksburg at a bed and breakfast (Bennett's B & B). As we drove into the driveway, three of the funniest looking dogs we had ever seen came running to greet us. Pugs of course, we had never seen one before. They visited us quite often during our weekend. A litter had been born five weeks earlier and we spent more time snuggling the two remaining than eating the provided breakfast. On our last morning, we were asked if we wanted to take one home and we did. We named him Admiral Nimitz, after Fredericksburg’s most famous person. We brought him home on November 17 to five cats. He loved going to baseball games.

Nicodemus V

Fawn Boy...January 2, 2004 to April 11, 2016, 12 years

Born at Hill Country Pugs in Llano.  Drove to Llano every weekend to spend time with the litter. We had last pick but were able to bring home the best one in early February.  Named him after the Bible person and AKC sent back Nicodemus V (5) when he was registered. His gangster name was Nicky V (vee). Nimitz (at age 7) tolerated Nico, Nico loved Nimitz. Nico loved to swim and run around and play. He loved sprinklers and would try to bite the water. He loved to share popsicles.

Pilot (Naval Aviator)

Fawn Boy...September 20, 2009 to July 18, 2022, almost 13 years

Pilot was born at Kemp Ranch, Kemp, TX

We lost Nimitz and my father in the fall of 2009. Kemp Ranch had pug puppies and golden retriever puppies. We picked a fawn with a very black face. We picked him up in January. We were able to meet his father, Puggy, a beautiful and very shy fawn pug. He was pretty shaggy as he and Pilot’s mom (black girl) were working pugs and lived outside. My father was a pilot in WWII so our pup was named Pilot.  Nico tolerated Pilot, Pilot loved Nico. When Pilot was little he would grab Nico's tail in his mouth and run around the yard like elephants do. Pilot was our guard pug. He would always do a perimeter in the backyard before he could settle down to play.

Kemp and Kona

Kemp (formerly Puggy)...fawn boy...April 1, 2008 to April 26, 2021, 13 years 

Kona (formerly Pugsly)...black girl...April 3, 2008 to September 13, 2023, 14 years

Kemp and Kona were Pilot's parents at Kemp Ranch. We were looking for a pug puppy and just happened to check out Kemp Ranch website where Pilot's parents were up for sale as Kemp Ranch was no longer breeding pugs. They had been together since they were six weeks old and the breeder was hoping they would go as a pair so we said yes as fast as we could. We picked them up January 22nd,  2010. They were both in the same carrier and their little faces just looked terrified. We named Kemp after the ranch and Kona because she was black.  At home that first night, we learned that Kemp did not understand snuggling at all so we backed off and gave him space. He learned pretty fast. Kona had no idea how to walk on a leash but again learned fast. Kemp had very bad eyes and Kona had lost an eye in a fight with one of her pups so they would run around the yard touching from head to rear  sharing what eyes they had left. They were always right next to each other everywhere.

Loretta and Amos

Loretta...fawn/brown girl...? to August 15, 2022, ~ 11 years old

Amos (Amos Lee)... fawn boy... ? to present, ~ 8 years old now

Amos and Loretta were running around the streets of San Antonio for a month before they were rescued and brought to God's Dog Rescue, Von Army, TX.  We changed their names to Amos (Amos Lee) and Loretta (the street of our house in Tucson, AZ). Loretta was Amos' mom and these two were truly a "bonded pair". We brought them home on December 4, 2016. We guessed that Loretta was 5 and Amos was 2. They quickly adapted to living with 3 other pugs.

Ocho (pug number 8)

Fawn Boy...September 7, 2022 to present,,14 months old now...

Ocho was born at Southern Pugs in Winnsboro, TX.  We brought him home on 12-11-22 when he was 3 months old. Absolutely wild pug, chewing everything, running around like crazy. He is very sensitive to noises and smells and people. He has settled down quite a bit now that he is over a year old and is very snuggly. Amos tolerates Ocho, Ocho loves Amos – chews on him, plays and lays next to him as close as he can. He loves running madly around the yard.